Tarot Challenge - August - Day 8

Tarot Challenge - August - Day 8

Continuing the trend, I decided to may today's entry a poem.  I really like the concept of poetry and tarot interactions.  Poetry can convey nuanced meaning. It's good practice...


I put down the phone.

She was perfectly clear.

Know exactly what she said,

She’s been sending me messages for years.


I start getting ready,

Prepped in all the wrong ways,

When Insight bonks me over the head and says,


“Insanity is doing something and shame on me?”

No, that’s not Scott’s quote from Star Trek 3


I should watch that again,

Maybe look online too.

I’m bonked on the head again.

Insight’s not pleased, “Girl, what is wrong with you?”


“Stop wasting time…”

But the phone breaks the truth.

It’s my posse, or sycophants,

They are ready to let loose.


The message had sunk in.

I told Phee, Phi, and Pho

“Done spinning my wheels,

You’ve got to go!

Then hung up the phone,

without hearing their whoa.


With Mind, Body, and Spirit

Singing inner truth and wisdom.

I head down to the lake

In town’s shady, dark section


I run up to the edge of the lake

And realize…

Insight is fucked up,

I’m not diving to demise.


There’s monsters and dragons and serpents and..


Then I remember!

I’ve been here, right here before,

With the same stupid chatter.


Always get to the edge, never get past the…


I cry when I realize I’ve been in a loop.

“Not again sister!”

Breaking the cycle,

I jump into the soup!